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A small secluded valley that has it all

Here at Valchiusella Mountainbiking we are proud of our valley and our trailsystem and are always eager to share them with nature loving bikers. If you are new to our valley or to mountainbiking maybe you should try one of our services to make your experience as fulfilling as possible.


Come and visit us to explore our trails and the diversity of the terrain.

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Hi, we are a group of people with different backgrounds and nationalities that share the same passion; riding our bikes and being part of nature.
We never get tired of breathtaking views and riding through lush forests, but most of all we enjoy going up and down the mountain.

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E-bike Rental

Wether you would like to cruise our valley at a more relaxed pace or want to conquer the steep Alpine trails as fast as possible you can always rent one of our fantastic e-bikes.

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Guided Tours

For all of you who want a taste of local culture or want to be shown all the cool trails that our valley has to offer we have a guiding service that can offer tailored fit tours adapted to your needs and skill levels.

Technical Classes

Are you ready to work on your skill levels or boost your confidence to a higher level with tailored lessons? Contact us and we will discuss how to achieve your goals.

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All our trails are built with natural flow and respect for the forest and the mountain. We take very good care of tracing our trails before we start to build so we don’t have to cut down trees or remove big rocks and roots just because they are in our way.  With a bit of imagination a big rock can become a fun feature instead of an obstacle.

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