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Our trails and the diversity of the terrain

Do you want to be able to choose which trails to ride? Here is the description of some of our trails.

Besides the ones  indicated here, in VALCHIUSELLA we have many other trails and itineraries. Contact us and we will gladly accompany you to discover particular little-known corners of our valley.

Valchiusella Trail
Km. 50 -
Tot. Desc. m. 2230

Typically All Mountain itinerary, suitable for expert bikers and mountain environment enthusiasts, it requires preparation and technique to tackle it as a whole. However, it offers some sections that are also suitable for less experienced users. It runs entirely along the two sides of the Valchiusella, developing from the valley floor, with characteristic passages along the Chiusella, up to about m. 1,700 of altitude for a total of km. 50. It can be completed in a loop along a stretch of the high road of the Morainic Amphitheater, thus bringing the total distance to just over 60 km. Of course, it can also be tackled in stages.

Km. 13.5 - To
t. Desc. m. 650

Another well-known ascent of Valchiusella, also almost entirely unpaved, with some steep slopes, points towards the valley floor in a typically alpine environment. It can offer an alternative technical return, from Pasquere, always passing through Tallorno, up to Fondo, but along the left side of the valley (4.5 km)

Tour with a sporty character, with some fun sections on the trail. It connects Lake Meugliano with those of Alice and Vidracco. It mostly covers the ridge of the morainic amphitheater and then returns for a good stretch along the Chiusella.

3 Lakes Trail
Km. 18.5 -
Tot. Desc. m. 530

Km. 12 - Tot. Desc. m. 650

Palit used to be the site of the valley's ski slopes, but now, with the lifts no longer in use, it remains an important vantage point within an area under environmental protection that is easily accessible via the dirt road serving the lifts themselves. Departure from Fondo with an initial stretch on asphalt road in the direction of Vaudanza. At the valley station of the chairlift, take the dirt road that rises from the parking area on the right and follow it up to an altitude of approximately 1,700 metres.


Return along the same track as the ascent.

Benecchio Purple
Km. 11.5 - Tot. Desc. m. 600

The Cima Bossola area, given its accessibility and panoramic views, represents an area much loved by outdoor enthusiasts. Itinerary suitable for lovers of both pedaled and guided tours; departure from Trausella with a first asphalted stretch towards Case Vercellano, cross the Benecchio dirt road and follow it in its entirety, so there are two possibilities, either to point to the Cima Bossola Refuge and subsequent direct ascent to cross the Bossola road again, or, pass the barrier, continue directly on the Bossola dirt road passing through NS Regina di Palestina. It is recommended to continue up to Case Bossola at least to enjoy the view over the Morainic Amphitheater, then initially return along the same track, until you take the Benecchio Purple on a hairpin bend, a moderately technical bike trail that will take us back to Trausella.

ATTENTION!!! Always respect other trail users, slow down and say hi when you meet someone. Thank you.

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