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Our crew is prepared and passionate, but above all we like to

have fun and share our passion with you.


Antonio Silva

In Mtb from the beginning, he has been cycling the mountains since the 80s. After an intense interlude in the competitive world (CT National Italian Mtb for 7 years), he settled in Valchiusella to return to his origins and continue to transmit the passion for cycling that has always animated him.

Marcel Bos

As a true Dutchman, he has cycling in his DNA.

He fell in love with Italy and Valchiusella 10 years ago and never tires of discovering and building new trails.


Andrea Mazzalovo

The Local dei Local knows every corner of the valley where he was born and raised. His passion for biking became bigger and bigger, when he started taking Simone and Nicola, his children, to MTB school.

From then on it was a crescendo ...


Our own trail dog. She loves running and is an expert in mountain scents and aromas and a great connoisseur of all the fountains in the valley.

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