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Here at VMTB we take care of our own trails.
We plan, build and maintain a big amount of the trails in our valley, also the ones we share with hikers and horses.

We believe in Natural Flow so our trails follow the natural course of the terrain and we use it to our advantage to create fun flow trails that never disappoint. We aim to be a Natural Bike Park and we don’t believe in artificial berms, drops and jumps. It’s all about You, your Bike and the Mountain!

For trail building days we have a Whatsapp group with its own logo. We try to get as many people involved as possible for labour intensive operations. Of course larger groups get the work done more efficiently but mainly  we do this to create involvement and unity within our group. These trails are build by us and we take care of them. For natural calamities like landslides or fallen trees we get help from the regional forestal service.

These trails are build by us and we take care of them, while for many other trails, we collaborate either with the regional forestry teams or the trail building is carried out by the local administrations.

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